Our History

David Willan van from the 1980's

David Willan, vans in the 1980's

David Willan, Oxenholme Railway Station

David Willan, Oxenholme Railway Station

David Willan purchased The Pickwick Pies franchise in 1979, selling pies to the fish and chip shops of Cumbria and North Lancashire. Due to David’s knowledge of the food and distribution industry the business grew very quickly and needed to expand.  The estate at the Lyons Maid & Findus Frozen Foods depot became available and was purchased in 1987 and was a place that David had previously worked. It was also at this point that David’s son Stephen became a partner in the Business.  In 2005 a sausage making business was purchased which utilised David’s butchery skills, which he had learnt from an early age whilst growing up in Appleby.  In 2009 we converted a building and created the Railway Cottage Bakery and started producing our pies and tray bakes.  In 2010 a new dairy was created on the estate for Mr Lewis to start manufacturing the Famous Lewis’s of Morecambe Ice Cream.  Now with a fleet of vehicles we distribute homemade Bakery, Butchery and dairy foods throughout Cumbria and North Lancashire.

Over the years we have had some pivotal moments, and even some royal ones like when we met Prince Charles and also the interesting and surprising story behind our onsite Shop